Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Roads Emotional Mixtape - Out Now!

The Roads Emotional Mixtape Volume 1 is hitting the roads on Christmas Eve.

The mixtape features a whole bag of artists including R.E, Baker T, Wish, Triggadon, Don.P, $uge, Range, Tug MC, Glock 19, Uz, Ceaze, Tona, King Bydg, Rex & Rebel.

To purchase your copy directly, email:
The download will become available in the next few weeks.

Peep the videos below of some of the featured songs from the mixtape.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Central Spillz - Space Travel Album

It has been confirmed today that the highly anticipated debut album by Central Spillz 'Space Travel' accompanying Eddie K & Mensah remix 12" will be released on Durkle Disco 10th Jan 2011.

For the time being, kick back and enjoy the album minimix below:

For more info visit:

Sunday, 12 December 2010

R.E - R 2010 Easy Video

R.E is back with another video 'R 2010 Easy' check it out below:

Monday, 6 December 2010

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Birthday Spesh! Freedom - Dreams

The last exclusive we bring you as part of M32Connections November birthday special, here is a brand new track from Freedom called 'Dreams'

For more info on Freedom, click here

Monday, 29 November 2010

Birthday Spesh! Uz Feat $uge 'Fly Girls' (Exclusive)

New exclusive on the birthday page from Uz & $uge called 'Fly Girls'. Each member of Da Label MTG cleverly gets a mention on this one. Listen below:

Find out more from Da Label by visiting their profile.
For more info on $uge click here

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Birthday Spesh - Tug MC 'Runway'

Bristol rapper/singer contributes this week for M32Connections 4th Birthday with this exclusive of his new track entitled 'Runway'. Watch out for the video coming soon!

Listen to the track here:

To find out more on Tug MC, check out his profile

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dutty Girl - Dark Places Video

Dutty Girl are a crew from Bristol that musically span a multitude of genres from Hip Hop, Dubstep to Grime, Drum n Bass, Bassline, Funky and Dancehall. They do things their own way, with their own sense of home-girl haute couture style! Providing their audiences with an alternative from the overtly male-dominated scene and bringing a light-hearted, cheeky and feminine approach whilst always taking seriously their music and their audience's enjoyment.

Dutty Girl have been running successful club nights in Bristol for the past five years and have featured most of the UK's finest female hip hop talents. They have supported many big names, both individually and as a crew including the likes of; ?uestLove, Est'elle, Lewis Parker, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Q and MC Bonez, Annie Mac, Ed Rush, Kenny Ken, Scratch Perverts and more. They have a new clothing store in Bristol ‘Shop Dutty’ where they sell their own range of one-off items and Dutty Girl Hoodies/Tees.

The Dutty Girl artist rosta includes; DJ Diss Miss (founder member), DJ Dazee (legendary Drum and Bass DJ, and producer), MC Sarah B, DJ Safe Soul, singer – Klair and DJ Laydee Bird. Currently they are working on their own album, with production duties from DJ Dazee and DJ Diss Miss, and vocals from Sarah B and Klair.

'Dark Places' is Dutty Girl's first official video, produced by Dazee & Diss Miss with Sarah B on the vocals.

For more info, visit:

For bookings call Louisa; 07919258570 or email

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Last Man Standing Heat 1 Battles

Loads more battles have gone up on youtube for heat 1 of The Last Man Standing. Peep them below:








Friday, 19 November 2010

Freedom - Hesitate

New one from Freedom:

For more info on Freedom, check out his profile plus the M32Connecions birthday page for an exclusive track

Split Pupil - Leader Video

New Video from Split Pupil 'Leader'

Thursday, 18 November 2010

New exclusives on M32Connections

It's been a bit of a flurry today with exclusives, celebrating M32Connections 4th Birthday we have 5 special tracks brought to you by Range Ft Triggadon, RE, Uz & Freedom. Peep them below:

Range - Home Sweet Home

RE - RE - M32Connections JumpOff by daLabelRE

Uz - Aston Martin

Uz - I'm Ready Remix

Freedom - Party Over Here

To Check out all the exclusives so far, visit the Birthday page

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New RE

Some quick jump offs from RE Latest tracks by daLabelRE

Watch out for 'Road's Emotional Volume 1' coming real soon!!

The Last Man Standing

The last man standing battles are starting to be uploaded onto youtube. Winners are being picked by independent judges but I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks of the battles so far.

TDK vs Swannz

Kaydan VS Shinigami
(Kaydan automatically through to the next round as Shinigami did not submit his battle in time)

Nickles vs Matchstick

Ellis vs Relly

Friday, 12 November 2010

Birthday Spesh - Range & Triggadon

Recorded especially for M32Connections, Range & Triggadon come through with a banger. Carrying off their usual swagger and going on a bit of a mad one this certainly cracked me up. Listen to the track here

Check out the full Birthday page for more exclusives and info from your favourite Bristol artists

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Road's Emotional - Mixtape

This collaborative mixtape features a bunch of Bristol rappers and is dropping in the next couple of weeks. Confirmed line up consists of: Baker T, RE, Wish, Triggadon, Don P, $uge, Range, Tug MC, Glocc 19, Uz, Ceaze, Tona, King Bydg, Rex and Rebel.
These guys always bring it hard so I can't wait to get my hands on this. Peep the cover below:

Range - I'm On Fire

New one from Range called 'I'm On Fire'. Range's upcoming album 'Alter Ego' is due for release Jan 2011. Range has said he wasn't sure if this song was going to be on the album, but from the positive feedback received online so far I think it might sway him :)

Range - Im On Fire (Produced By Range) by RANGE

The Alter Ego album cover was also revealed yesterday, which looks pretty sick if I say so myself.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Mensah - Motion Podcast Download

Lifted from, don't miss this exclusive download! Click here

Visit Bristol and mention the name Mensah, the chances are that someones going to know the man we’re talking about. Having become involved in the Bristol music scene at an early age, there’s no surprise that he epitomizes the great things associated with the city’s music – positive, progressive and different.

Growing up listening to his Mum’s dub and reggae collection, his first taste of UK underground music was when he started going to the under-18 nights like 'Jungle Book' at the tender age of 11, he witnessed the late and great Steve ‘Hyper’ D MCing for Nicky Blackmarket but it was the garage scene that really kindled Mensah’s first love of electronic music when he heard stalwarts such as Wookie and the Heartless Crew's DJ Fonti at the age of 13.

With releases out on Hench, Get Darker, and Punch Drunk to name but a few, Mensah is rapidly becoming a real driving force in the UK’s booming dub-step scene. Recent mixes for Radio One have set his diary on fire with gig offers coming in from across the globe. This exclusive mix proves just what all the hype is about!

Follow his work here...Myspace

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Illusive - Beast Mode

Bath rapper Illusive is back with his new album 'Beast Mode'. Preview his new song 'Nick Named' on his profile and download the album for free:

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Freedom & Range - Friday

New track from Freedom & Range:

Freedom & Range - Friday by Freedom Bristol

Wedge - Special Guest Mix

One for the dubstep heads, Wedge passed through The Radioactive show on Passion FM for a live interview and special guestmix. Listen and download it below:

DJ Crewz Presents The Radioactive Show 03/11/10 Part 04 Wedge Gusest Mix by djcrewz

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Birthday Spesh - Ashlow

Another exclusive for M32Connections 4th Birthday - Ashlow comes through with 'Money' featuring Vixen. Check the birthday page to listen!

Ashlow's upcoming solo album 'A long time coming' is due for release on New Year's eve and will feature various artists from the South West.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Birthday Spesh - Type Sun

The birthday site is now up, nothing snazzy...let the music do the talking! First up is an exclusive from Heavy weight Bristol DJ/Producer/Musician 'Type Sun'. Click the link to listen!

Don't forget to keep checking the page as there will be lots of exclusives uploaded this month :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

M32Connections Birthday!

Pinch, punch, first of the month! It's November, which means we are celebrating 4 years since the launch of M32Connections. Over the course of the month, we'll be bringing some exclusives from some of the finest in the South West as they celebrate with us.
In the meantime, let's clink our glasses and raise a toast... It's a celebration bitches!!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Triggadon & Range - Say Nothing Freestyle

Written, recorded and filmed today, Triggadon & Range hit you with this freestyle 'Say Nothing' Peep it below:

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Guido & Siesta - Late Night

New one from Guido & Siesta called 'Late Night', plus some more dubstep tracks below in the player from Siesta:

Latest tracks by Siesta

Uz MTG - Deep In - (Hood Video)

Brought to you by Rebel Productions, here is a video from UZ, the C.E.O of Da label MTG. Peep it below:

Download No Fabrications now! Click here

Tuesday, 26 October 2010











Sunday, 24 October 2010

Suge - Moving Towards Greatness (Review)

Long standing contributor of Da Label MTG, $uge has contributed to a lot of collaborative mixtapes & albums for over a decade and is considered a respected & heavyweight rapper in the community. However, it has not been until late August 2010 that $uge released his first official solo mixtape 'Moving Towards Greatness'.

This is no Dre Dre 'Detox' scenario. While fans have anticipated his solo release for some time now, $uge continued to uphold the 'Da Label' brand appearing on mixtapes in usual form and has put aside some time to work solely on his mixtape. So what is the mixtape like? I think the mixtape can be broken into the following sections:

First off, you've got the 'gyal songs' (tracks 4, 7, 12, 13, 14, 18, 23) these are no cheesy attempts at trying to impress the ladies. In fact, rather refreshingly, they're honest and reflective tracks showing appreciation to the opposite sex. $uge does have an endearing cheekiness about him in some of his lyrics and certainly if you're a girl listening to these songs you'll crack a smile listening to them. There may seem to be a lot of these songs on the mixtape when you think how many there actually are, but they have a wider appeal which do not neglect the male audience entirely. In fact, when you're listening through the mixtape they offer a good variety to the overall vibe of the mixtape.
'Bounce' could be considered a gyal song, but this is more of a club banger and the only club song on the mixtape at that. The song gives $uge a bit of commercial appeal and I'd like to see a few more of these in the future to help propel him into the limelight a bit more.

Next up are tracks which I call 'champion songs', where rappers go for the kill and show lyrically why they are the best. $uge certainly does this on his jumpoffs and with tracks like 'Show & prove' and 'Sky high'.

Last but not least are the raw Hip Hop songs where $uge stays true to his form. Subject matters range from reality on the roads, thoughts from the heart and other concepts which make for interesting listening. Standout tracks from this section are:

'Lost my heart' - $uge uses an extended metaphor on this track, using a woman to represent hip hop music. The song speaks on $uge's own personal relationship and journey with music.

'Do It' - Using Ludacris' 'Do It For Hiphop' instrumental, $uge, R.E and Uz give their account on why they 'do it'. In $uges own account "I do it for my n*ggas in prison on a basic / I do it for the workers getting minimum wages/ For the kids spitting bars dreaming of being on stages/ I been doing it for ages"

'Dead Prez' - On Jay Z's 'Dead Presidents' instrumental, $uge talks about struggle and strifes that face him and others everyday "The paper chase is getting worse than it's ever been/I'm trying to make it out of the ghetto not tryna settle in/cos when you fight against the system you never win/my n*ggas in the tin I'm hoping that you beat case/ cos everything you did, you did it for the queens face"

'If today was my last' - Another favourite of mine, really well produced and I'm feeling this beat hard! The hook is spoken by R.E & $uge "There's no promise for tomorrow, so I'm writing for today/ If I should die before I wake it's kinda frightening in a way/ Life comes free and death the price that we pay/If today was my last I'd just like to say...' following from this $uge, El Wappo & Z.E each deliver their last speeches.

'Real Life' - On Hi-Tek's 'Can we go back' instrumental, $uge releases a video of this song dedicated to those that have lost their lives.

'All Black Season' - I can't even begin to explain how big this track is, you just need to hear it for yourself. $uge uses clever wordplay around the theme of the word 'black' and the track gives a great sense of black pride.
"I stand out like chalk on a black board/ black knight, black horse, black sword/ black notes, black strings, black cords/ I carry Easton on my back until my backs sore/ Aiming to be the best so what the fuck u think I rap for/ And every bar is deep like the black sea/ black bandanna, black hoodie, black tee/ no milk, 2 sugars, black tea" The track carries on like this and $uge ends it saying "What more can I say? I'm just a black guy".

All in all, it's a great mixtape. $uge has a great flow and shows versatility on a wide variety of beats. My only small criticism is that when I downloaded the mixtape the tracks weren't listed properly and appeared in a different order to the CD. There was one song I wasn't feeling the production on which sadly meant I skipped the track most times but to be honest, skipping only one track these days is a minor, especially when there are 20 odd other tracks to listen to. Overall, the mixtape is definitely worth copping! Now that $uge has come out and done his first official solo, I'm only more excited to get to know him more as a rapper in the future and look forward to his upcoming solo projects.
M32Connections gives this 4 Stars (out of 5)

1. Greatness
2. So Blind
3. Show & Prove
4. Pretty Ladies
5. Still Fly
6. Wow ft. Tug MC
7. Drinks on me ft. Triggadon
8. Do It ft. Uz & R.E
9. Real Life
10. Ryders ft. R.E, Ceaze & Triggadon
11. Mission ft. Tug MC (produced by SN1 Pablo)
12. Women I Like (produced by Mazik Beats)
13. Get That Number (produced by Trebbledan)
14. Swear Down (remix) ft. Luss
15. Lost my heart
16, Bounce ft. R.E (produced by Kae the overseas kid)
17. Southwest ft. T.Dot & Dre Pound (produced by Mazik Beats)
18. Singing ft. Uz
19. Hard ft Tug MC
20. 5Man jumpoff ft Uz, Triggadon, Tug MC & R.E
21. If today was my last ft R.E, Z.E & El Wappo (produced by Kae the overseas kid)
22. Dead Prez
23. Let me touch you
24. Make moves freestyle
25. All Black Season

Download the mixtape from the following sites:
Datpiff (recommended)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Split Pupil - Like a Hustler

New video from Split Pupil:

Lewis Williams Ft Range - Single

Ok, now this is right up my street... I'm an avid soul fan and that heavily influences the type of Hip Hop I listen to, but getting to the point, this song literally made me sit back and think WOW.

Lewis Williams' vocals on this reminds me of a young JB Love (for those that know!) and I ain't heard a talent like that in a while.
The beat is actually a lil Wayne beat which is probably why I've never heard it before, the distorted dips in the beat makes the song interesting. Range drops a quick bar on this and both Range & Lewis compliment the beat and concept well.

Check it out:
Lewis Williams Ft Range - Single by RANGE

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Triggadon & Range - 6-0 Jumpoff

Just a quick one, track recorded and video shot just this morning! Peep the vid below:

Monday, 18 October 2010

Blacksmith - Memory Lane

BBC Bristol played a Blacksmith teaser over the weekend. Although not the full version, the track is called 'Memory Lane' and is produced by Blacksmith himself, co mixed by DJ Frenic with vocals from Red Amber Green. The track will be on Blacksmith's album at the beginning of next year. Peep it out on the show (1st track) click here to listen!

In other news, Blacksmith recently posted a beat he's working on onto soundcloud;

All I Know Mix1 by blacksmithrecordings

Expect to see a few more EPs before the album drops early next year!

For more info on Blacksmith, check out his m32connections page here

Vote Suge!

Suge releases his club banger 'Bounce' Featuring RE from his new mixtape 'Moving Towards Greatness' Listen to it here:

Suge - Bounce ft RE by m32connections

This song is currently being played out on Ujima Radio... like the tune? Then show support and vote Suge as your artist of the week! Email: VOTE SUGE 'BOUNCE'.

Find out more about Suge on M32Connections and make sure you download Suge's mixtape for free on

The Last Man Standing - Battle line up

In Da Lab Productionz announced over the weekend the draw of the first heat for the Last Man Standing battles, check out the line up:

TDK vs Swanz (on Dr Dre feat nocternal 'Bad Intentions' beat)
MC Kaydan vs Shingami (JR writer 'Get 'Em')
Yaeo vs Krazy (Dipolmats Dipset Anthem)
Yosh vs Streetwise (CNN ;Bang Bang')
Blammer vs Dice (Nas 'Street Dreams')
Ellis vs Relly (JR Writer 'Overdrive')
Nikkles vs Matchstick (Busta Rhymes 'Fall Back')
Tommy Grammar vs Punishment (AZ 'The Come Up')
Noodlez vs Giveaway (Cassidy 'Blood Pressure')
KC vs Ikillgiants (Colly Buddz Feat Young Buck 'Come Around')
B-Dee vs Mista Fire (Juelz Santana 'Second Coming')
B'Tol vs Hope MC (Eminem Feat Snoop Dogg & Dre Dre 'Bitch Please')
Ceaze vs B-E-Z (Kool G Rap 'The Life')
Griz Bear vs Drillz (Mimmz 'This is why I'm hot'
Big Cuz vs Chalk MC (Twista 'Bussin no Discussin')
Blood Shot vs Zoo Horse (Dr Dre 'Bang Bang')

As this is an online battle, each MC will spit 32 bars on their chosen beat and will then be judged and compared to their rival. The winner will go on until they are.... THE LAST MAN STANDING!

I must admit I'm not familiar with a lot of these names, so it will be interesting to see what each MC brings and who can win the crown!
MCs are submitting their bars by 7th November so we should expect to hear some battles by the end of November but I will keep you updated with any news.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Free Mensah track 'Stapleton Road V.I.P' (dubstep)

We all love a freebie and this time you can get your hands on Mensah's Track 'Stapleton Road V.I.P' from the D Style website. Check the link to get your copy of this dubstep delight!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Triggadon - Dear Diary

Last week, Triggadon announced that he will be releasing a mixtape of songs he has been working on but of which have not made his debut album. Adequately calling the the mixtape 'The Lost Tapes', the mixtape will contain tracks such as 'Real Love' and 'Dear Dairy'. These are no throw away tunes, so it makes me wonder what's in store for the album.

This brings me to discuss the latest song 'Dear Diary' that will be on mixtape. The track itself was leaked by Triggadon just yesterday and it's real nice. The beat itself is beautiful (I need to find out who produced this!!) and Triggadon puts his thoughts to paper with this story-telling song about the moment he meets a girl and the chains of events that follow.

Listen & Download it here:

TriggaDon Lost Tapes pt1 - DEAR DIARY by TriggaDon WiseGuy

In case you missed 'Real Love', here is the direct download link:

Friday, 17 September 2010

Buggsy - The Great Escape

Straight out of St Pauls in Bristol, Buggsy (aka Bugnum, B.G, Bug1, da Gizzle etc!) has been making massive waves in the Hip Hop & Grime scene for many years now and is about to drop his highly anticipated EP 'The Great Escape'.

A true street poet, Buggsy’s highly conscious lyrical content and grime-like flow meets with a blend of Hip Hop and Roots Reggae for his upcoming EP. Preview it hear:


Watch this space for more info........AGAGAGAGA!

More from Buggsy:

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

HENCH, Eddie K New Release‏

Some Dubstep previews from the young, talented Bristol producer Eddie K dropped into my inbox today from his forthcoming EP. Rather than posting the short youtube clips, I've got a tasty studio dubstep mix for you to listen to from Eddie K himself:

Eddie K mix - H.E.N.C.H. by TrailerMedia-PR

1. Eddie K ft Minus, Beezy and Shadz - Disfigured love (Hench Records)
2. Wedge - Coming for me (Hench Records)
3. Eddie K - Starlight (Hench Records)
4. Superisk - Find your way _ Mensah Rmx (Punch Drunk Records)
5. Sukh Knight & P Money - Slang like this (True Tiger)
6. Foreign Beggars - Seven figure swagger_Plastician Rmx (Dented Records)
7. Jakes - Raw like sushi (Dub)
8. Minus & ReneLeRude - Untitled (Dub)
9. Eddie K & Minus ft Beezy - Serial Killer (Hench Records)
10. Central Spillz - I wish_Eddie K Rmx (Durkle Disco)
11. Original Sin - Take no more (Playaz)
12. Giant - Fresh untitled sh*t (Hench Records)
13. Flux Pavillion - I cant stop (Circus Records)
14. Chasing Shadows - Odyssey (Hench Records)

Love this mix, I'm deffo gonna be bumping this one hard!

Disfigured Love will be available digitally as a full vocal, with instrumental and semi-vocal also available!

For more info, visit

Friday, 10 September 2010

Triggadon - Real Love Feat. Perry Morgan

Triggadon captures Real Love perfectly in his latest new track. This literally landed like a bomb in my inbox, Triggadon certainly knows how to make a hit record.

Produced by Don E Blaze and featuring silky soulful vocals by Perry Morgan (a talented singer who has worked with the likes of Wiley) it’s the perfect blend of UK Hip Hop and Soul at its best as Triggadon delivers his definition of real love with his captivating lyrics and abundant flow.

Following from his success with ‘We Go hard’ which received national airplay and featured on 1xtra’s Homegrown podcast in November, Triggadon has since supported Mr Hudson on Tour and is now back with this brand new single.

Real Love reaches out to us all. Listen to it here and download it for FREE!!!!

For more information on Triggadon, visit his m32connections page

For interviews, bookings and general queries please email:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Moeroc Featuring Sophia May - I Believe

Three time chart topping Singer/Songwriter, Sophia May & Wu-Tang Artist/Producer, MoeRoc, have collaborated to create the highly motivating & inspirational song entitled,"I BELIEVE" [Produced by Paris Pierce & Ninth Letta].

The video for "I BELIEVE" is directed by Joseph H. Bernard and was shot on location in New York City & Bristol, UK.

The track has been released today and is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and Zune.

Here is the video:

Fo more info on Sophia May, check out her website

R.E - 'Am Back Now' New video

New video from R.E, off the mixtape 'Best things in life are fREe'

To find out more about R.E and download your free copy of the mixtape, click here.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

$uge - Moving Towards Greatness (Mixtape)

$uge (contributing member of Da Label MTG) recently dropped his first solo mixtape 'Moving Towards Greatness' which features a host of Bristol talent, such as R.E, Triggadon, Ceaze, T.Dot, TugMC, Wappo, ZE, Uz and much more!

Listen to the mixtape and download it for free here

Along with the release, Suge has a 2 new videos on youtube which feature on the mixtape. Peep them below and keep checking back the blog for more videos coming soon.

Make Moves

For more info on $uge visit his m32connections profile

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Joker Mix

In case you missed it, Joker performed his last ever mix for Mary Anne Hobbs (Hobbs is leaving the show in a couple of weeks). Listen to the 45min mix here

I neeeed this on my ipod.

Joker is performing at Notting Hill Carnival this year on the Red Bull system, I can't bloody wait for the body rocking b-lines!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New Track from Shadz 'Thin Ice'

Rapping and singing sensation Shadz is back with a new tune entitled 'Thin Ice' produced by Bristol producer 'Kaychi'. I love this already, good work as usual from Shadz :-)

Listen to the track below:

Latest tracks by Shadzbristol

For more info on Shadz, click here for his m32connections profile

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tug MC

Tug MC is the latest artist to join M32Connections, check out his profile here for more information and be sure to download his new mixtape 'My Life' which is available for free download

Monday, 2 August 2010

B'Tol - Chasing Clouds Video (Produced by Chris Lucas)

New one from B'Tol, production & video by Chris Lucas. Nice summer vibes, makes me wanna cook up...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tough Touch - Up In This (Electro remix by Charlie 'Baked Reed'

This tune is arrrd! The original version from the Tough Touch 'Big Band Theory' album has been cleverly remixed by Charlie 'Baked' Reed, I was a little dubious by the 'Electro' title in the remix but whatever it was I expected I was not expecting to be bumping to it! Big props... listen to the remix below:

Up In This (Baked Electro Re-mix) by Tough Touch Productions

For more info on Tough Touch, click here

Social Conscience & Chris Lucas - Deep In The Dirt

New video 'Deep In The Dirt' brought to you by Social Conscience, produced by Chris Lucas

You can also download the track for free here

For more info on Social Conscience, click here

Uz Ft Hill Production - Wots It Gonna b

In light of recent news which shocked the local community, Uz gives insight into the cold, brutal reality that occurs in the streets of today. Check out the new video 'Wots It Gonna B':

Direct Link:

R.e - Tug Mc - El Wapo - Urban Oprah Music

This newly released video has surfaced from Da Label's extensive back catalogue. The track itself comes from the 'Nuttin But Bangers Vol.1' mixtape which was released in June '07, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this pop up on the internet!
Check out the vid (and sick bars) below:

Direct Link

Tug MC - The Story Part 1

Tug MC, member of Da Label MTG has got a story to tell and brings it to you with this new video...

Direct Link

Watch out for part 2!

R.E - The Rest All Know

If you copped R.E's mixtape 'The best things in life are fREe' at release, then you should know this song word by word by now! The mixtape caused a huge buzz in and around Bristol and is still getting huge bumpage. Check out the video below for the track entitled 'The rest all know':

Direct Link

For more info on R.E click here

Sunday, 13 June 2010

FUTV is back!

Fuck You TV is back with some new video's of Bristol MC's. Check the vids below:

Social Conscience


Poison Princess

Lyrical Agent


Phychosis Holochaust

Trigga Rider

Friday, 11 June 2010

'Smoker' - Suge

Next video from Suge, I cracked up when Suge walked out the shop with a Shisha pipe! lol

New video from Suge!

I've been anticipating Suge's solo mixtape for months now and the time is getting closer. Suge hasn't leaked a single song yet and seems set to tease us all by taking us on on a journey through his discography .

Today he posted a new video from The Nuttin But Bangers Mixtape. The song is called 'Nothing's Changed'. Peep it below:

His new mixtape 'Moving Towards Greatness' will be out soon which I'm told will include around 25 tracks and will be given away for FREE download but you will also be able buy a physical copy. The mixtape will include guest appearances from Z.E Rebel Regime, T.Dot, Dre Pound, TriggaDon, R.E, Uz, Tug Mc, XCali, El Wappo & more! DJ Trebbledan has produced some beats for this, as have other UK and American producers.

Keep checking back here for updates. For those who aren't familiar with Suge, he is a member of Da Label-MTG and you can read his full profile here.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Triggadon Feat. Sophia May - Chasing Your Dreams

Following on from hits 'Make Your Way To The Dancefloor' and 'We Go Hard' TriggaDon brings us his next hit 'Chasing Your Dreams' produced by Ninth Letta.
When I first heard this, I couldn't help but tap my feet along to the song. Since then, I've had it on replay pretty much all the time and still can't get Sophia May's silky, catchy vocals out of my head. These two for me can't do no wrong since I loved their last collab on 'We Go Hard' (which featured on Radio 1xtra's Homegrown podcast).

Apart from it being a catchy tune, TriggaDon's message is simple. He delivers uplifting and inspirational lyrics about following your hearts desire and reaching your full potential. He starts by expressing his own personal struggle:

"Many of times I find myself ticked off
I don't wanna rhyme anymore I give up
all this work and I'm still on the runway
It's taking too long for this plane to lift off
It's just one of them days
chasing my dreams, it feels like it's running away"

Later, he speaks about his determination that carries him through:

"I dedicate my time to my dream I ain't stopping it
Whatever you work towards everyday
I won't let my dream get away, I just chase faster
When it comes to making hits now, I'm a rasta"

It's a message we can all relate to and this up beat catchy song will make you start believing!

The video stars Tristan Plummer (footballer) and Apollo Gayle (Basketball Player). Peep it below:

For more info visit TriggaDon's M32Connections profile

New videos from Range

Bristol Producer & MC 'Range' has posted new video's in the last couple of months, dude deffo doesn't sleep so don't sleep on Range! check out the vids below:

Range & Freedom - Night Night (Produced by Range)

Range - Wait Up (Produced by Kinger)

Range - Get Away

Range & Rydel - Stay Strong

For more info on Range, check out his myspace and youtube page.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Central Spillz Tunes - Previews

Over the past couple of weeks, Central Spillz have been posting several tracks on soundcloud as sneek previews to their forthcoming LP entitled 'Space Travel'.

These tracks are fiyah so you need to check these out when you have a minute!

'Find Your Way'

'I Wish'

hooooooooooot! 'Find a way' has to be my favourite, grime track of the year so far me thinks...

New Video from Uz

Uz (C.E.O of Da Label MTG) recently dropped a video for 'Speak Your Mind'

Uz's new mixtape 'No Fabrications' will be out soon, keep checking back on M32connections for regular updates.

Follow Uz on Twitter @uzmtg1

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Triggadon releases his next hit single 'Dragging Down My Soul' featuring Sekai.

Most of us are used to mainstream rappers refer to women in a derogatory way and we hardly hear rappers address truthful situations of personal relationships. This is why the concept of this song is a like a breath or fresh air and is actually something I (and I'm sure many others) can relate to.
Turning down the tempo from his last single 'We Go Hard' (which is still echoing through many sound systems across the UK) Triggadon's new single is definitely
dedicated to the ladies but it doesn't necessarily alienate the guys either as I'm sure they can relate to it too!

Listen to the track on Triggadon's Myspace and make sure you VOTE for this track on BCFM radio's unsigned chart show. Simply email Email "VOTE TriggaDon Dragging Down My Soul" to

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tough Touch on 1xtra

Just got back from my vacation in Hong Kong and to my delight 'The Big Band Theory' cd by Tough Touch productions was amongst my pile of post :) I cant wait to get the cd spinning once I'm over my jet lag and come back and report my thoughts on the album.

In the meantime, while I was away 'My Baby' (the first track off the album) was aired on 1xtra's Homegrown podcast. You can download the podcast for free click here


Check the Tough Touch profile on m32connections

Monday, 1 March 2010

Range & Rydel 'Stay Strong' - New Video!

Directed and edited by Range, taken from The Woods Mixtape 2010 courtesy of The Woods Ent.

For more info from Range, click here

Friday, 26 February 2010

Hench Mixtape Vol 1 + free download!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Hench Mixtape Vol.1, Hench are giving away a free download of Jakes' Remix of his classic tune with Joker, 3K Lane 1999 !!!
Download it here

This track features on the mixtape and you can pre-order your copy a week earlier than release for a bargain price of £5 from the D STYLE SHOP now!

The compilation is to be mixed by Jakes and will feature unreleased tracks from Papa ‘ench himself. The release will also contain new exclusive tracks from Komonazmuk, Chasing Shadows, Eddie K, Lost and Giant, as well as providing a platform for debut releases on the label from Mensah, Tek-one and Minus.

There will be more free tracks ahead of the full release of the Hench Mixtape Vol. 1 - Stay tuned on twitter or keep checking back on the m32connections blog!!!

HENCH Mixtape Vol. 1 Track list:
1. Jakes - 3k Lane 1999
2. Jakes - Boom Boom Bass
3. Jakes - Dope Fiend Lean
4. Jakes - Loved Up
5. Jakes - Please Stand By
6. Jakes - Rock Tha Bells VIP
7. Lost - Ironhide
8. Giant - Drumstick VIP
9. Jakes - Break It Down
10. Jakes - War Face
11. Jakes - Code Zebra
12. Minus - Nails
13. Eddie K - Shivers VIP
14. Jakes - Gold Chain
15. Komonazmuk - You Fo
16. Mensah - Pulse 80's
17. Tek-One - Broken String
18. Jakes - Justice VIP
19. Lost - Slaughtered
20. Jakes - Custard Cream VIP
21. Jakes - Gate Nine VIP
22. Jakes - Rhythm VIP
23. Giant - Swoosh
24. Jakes - In Tha Place To Be VIP
25. Eddie K - Who's The Hardest VIP
26. Jakes - Killer
27. Jakes - Fire Up
28. Chasing Shadows - Dream On
29. Chasing Shadows - Amirah
30. Jakes - Lasers For Eyes
31. Jakes - Scanners
32. Jakes - Warface 2010
preview the above on youtube

....with more free tracks to be given away, and a huge launch party happening at Run 005, I can safely say EVERYBODY is really excited about this release!


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wedge & Shadz 'Running Away' - New Video!

I've been bumping this song for a while now so I'm very excited that the new video for Wedge & Shadz tune 'Running Away' (sponsored by Converse) is finally here! Check it out:

isp001: Running away from elvis ellis on Vimeo.

For more info, check out the 'if symptoms persist' website and the myspace

If you're feeling the sounds of Wedge and Shadz, download this exclusive mixtape by Wedge.


1. Butterfly (Wedge remix) – Hazel Mills
2. Detached Reality – Wedge and Aesoteric
3. Vansan (Gatekeeper remix) – Appleblim
4. Cabot Circus – Wedge
5. Phonics – Wedge
6. Blip – Gatekeeper
7. Running Away – Wedge and Shadz
8. Night on the Wonk – Wedge and Aesoteric
9. Night on the Wonk (Gemmy remix) – Wedge and Aesoteric
10. Running Away (Guido remix) – Wedge and Shadz

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The HAWK feat Little Hannah Collins - New Video

Scott Milsom aka THE HAWK, bass player from critically acclaimed UK funk heroes BIG BOSS MAN teams up with Little Hannah Collins from Bath (former player/vocalist with The Heavy) for this new project reminiscent of the classic northern soul yet with a modern twist. "Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover" is the first single produced by this new outfit. Get it at recordkicks

For more info, check out their myspace

New Central Spillz Video - How We Roll

New video from Central Spillz 'How We Roll', Joker on production.
I like the bit where Superisk tries to jump through the car window and massively fails lol. Big tune tho!

Da Label on Multi-FM

Last week, Da Label-MTG passed through Multi FM radio and dropped some exclusive bangers. Range caught up with the guys to get the low down on what we can expect for 2010 from the group, both individually and collectively.

Click the link below for the exclusive interview, the premier of some brand new songs from $uge and some jumpoff's from Bristol's finest crew 'Da Label-MTG' who were notoriously rated 4stars by HHC.

Click here to listen!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

M32Connections website down

A message went out last week to everyone following m32connections on Facebook advising that the website will be down for a while whilst it is undergoing essential maintenance.

You can continue to check the M32connections blog for all updates & news on your favourite artists. We have some interviews lined up so keep an eye out for those!

As soon as the website is back up and running there will also be some goodies to win!

If you have any idea's for the site, or would like to contribute in any way, please email
Artists - keep me updated with any news as this will also go on the blog/website.


Jay Wilcox & Roni Size - Sick & Tired

"Sick and Tired" is the catchy new single from Jay Wilcox produced By DnB mastermind Roni Size.

Combining an undeniably catchy brass theme (composed by Pete Bernard) and a feel good dance vibe this track is beginning to receive increasing support and attention wherever it is played.

The track is accompanied by by a rugged but stylish video shot on the mean streets of Bristol documenting the adventures of a hapless promoter struggling to put on an event and faced with constant setbacks along the way.

The Concept

"Sick and Tired" is a song based around the struggle of independent artists in todays music scene. Promoting oneself is hard to do and as we all know the life of an aspiring artist is never easy. "Sick and Tired" takes a not too serious look at the music game from the underground artists point of view..

Check out the video:

...soon to be on every major music channel. If you like this song and you want to hear more request it, book it, follow it, play it love it and support it!!

New video's from Da Label-MTG

Da Label always represent and hold it down for the streets of Bristol. Brought to you by 'streetzselectedtv' check out Uz's (President of Da Label-MTG) video for 'So Special' (taken from his mixtape "Real recognise real" out now for FREE download )

Also, with a new video 'TriggaDon' (of Da Label) brings you his video 'What They Choose' by streetzselected

TriggaDon also did a video with Rebel Productions recently, song entitled 'Live Long' a real story teller:

Sons of South Present: All Eyes on the South Volume 3 “Real Name No Gimmicks”

December 2009. The end of a decade that has seen X-Factor’s grinning puppet master Simon Cowell turn the UK’s prime time TV slots and record industry into a production line for churning out soulless pop androids. Across the pond rappers are releasing their own sports drinks and video games, as the next ‘cookie-cut’ baller appears on the scene to rap about the same tired topics.
For fans of fresh sounding beats, interesting concepts and charismatic MC’s
the outlook has been bleak… that is until now.

Sons of South, a collective of four MC’s, their DJ and beat maker (all from the Southern half of the UK – hence the name), have been bubbling under the surface, perfecting their craft since 2005 and now release the long awaited third installment in their mixtape series – ‘All Eyes on the South Volume 3 – Real Name No Gimmicks’.

Drawing on influences from the golden eras of East and West coast Hip Hop from the States and jungle, garage and grime from the UK, the four MC’s – Blaze, Naturekid, Prophecy and Verbal Remedy combine over a myriad of beats to deliver a flowing and consistently listenable 60 minutes of entertainment.

With each track the group demonstrate their versatility, as the four MC's combine effortlessly over various tempos and styles that have been laid down for them by the group's producer Terrorist and other beat makers from within the scene. All of the music is original, bucking the trend of the traditional mixtape format. Mixing duties are handled with flair and finesse by DJoe The Archiect, who took time out from his busy beat making, producing and DJing schedule between France and Spain to work with Sons of South on the project.

With ‘Real Name No Gimmicks’ available to buy from iTunes and other download sites to kick off 2010 and CD’s appearing in all good independent record stores at around the same time, Sons of South are looking to hit the roads of the South, West, North and East of the UK in the coming months. Look out for this innovative Hip Hop crew at a venue near you.

Preview the Mixtape here:

M32Connections will be giving away free SIGNED(!) copies to some very lucky this space for details to find out how you can get your hands on a copy!

For more info on S.O.S, please visit their really cool website and their myspace

To purchase their music on iTunes or Amazon, click the links :)

S.O.S profile coming soon to M32Connections!

Monday, 25 January 2010

New Central Spillz Video

Foo Magazine presents the New Central Spillz 'Unknown Number' Video, feature Koast, Mackie Skillz, C-Strike-Z, Redskin, Shadz, Interface and Superisk.

For More from Central Spillz, check their myspace

TriggaDon supporting Mr Hudson

Wednesday February 17th 2010, Mr Hudson @ The Lemon Grove, supported by TRIGGADON

Mr Hudson has in the last 6 months become one of the biggest artists in the UK. With collaborations with Kanye West, N-Dubz and his latest hit with Jay Z, he has been propelled into chart success, making him one of the UK's hottest talents at present.

His huge live tour starts early in 2010 and most recently has been confirmed to perform at the legendary Isle of White festival, no doubt more big festival appearance's will follow this summer from the Birmingham lad.

For 60 minutes Mr Hudson will DJ, MC and Perform some of his Hits as the Mr Hudson Soundsystem. This will be an amazing show and one not to be missed.

Support from TriggaDon. Recent music featured on Radio 1xtra. One of the South West's hottest up and coming UK Hip Hop talents.

Advance tickets for this show are £10.

This is an over 16's show. For Alcohol purchases please bring photographic Identification.

Tickets are available from the following links //

Tickets will be on sale from Exeter Box Office from Monday Morning the 18th January.

Paper tickets will be on sale from The Exeter Phoenix Centre, The Lemon Grove Box Office and Reform Records, Fore Street, Exeter.

For more info, please click here.

To check out TriggaDon, please click here.

Monday, 11 January 2010

2010 Gossip

I know it's late wishing everybody a new year (I've been sick for a while so I've been out of action) but I hope you all had a great time seeing in the new year!

So what do we have to look forward to in 2010? I'll be conducting a few interviews soon to see what everyone is up to, but in the meantime I have a few short & sweet updates to report:

- Tough Touch Productions - 'The Big Band Theory' which we've all been anticipating will be due for release in Feb this year. You can also catch the boys supporting RA Rugged Man next month.

- Blacksmith producer/rapper (whose production skills I find truly immense) is currently working on two e.p's set for release around March/April and an album is to follow in the summer featuring Blacksmith's own production as well as production from various producers throughout the country.
Blacksmith is also producing an E.P for Genesis Elijah due for release in the summer and there are also various other productions in the pipeline with some big names in the UK & US so watch this space peeps!!! Don't sleep on this dude!!
You can catch Blacksmith supporting Brother Ali @ The Croft March 16th.

- Krazy is currently working on a new mixtape with Greenz and another called 'In Da Lab Productionz Presents...' which will include around 50 tracks of his own, including features from artists such as Ceaze, Griz Bear, RE, Greenz, B-Tol, Yung Uk and many more!
Krazy has just finished recording a track with Balance for his new album 'alpha and omega' which is coming out soon. Besides from his music, Krazy will also be focusing on Fuck You TV and the next DVD this year.

- Ashlow of JROAD has his debut album entitled 'Along Time Coming' dropping in March/April. There will be 21 tracks featuring Hibbz, City, Nino, Gimson, Chin Killa, Columbo, Nemesis, Nitrus, RE and more... the album has over 8 producers involved.

- The lovely Hannah Collins (widely known for her vocals on DnB) has a new tune coming out on 7" in March, released by Italian label 'Record Kicks'. The track is written by Bristol's 'The Hawk' (Part of DJ's Maco n The Hawk) entitled "Don't judge a book by it's cover".
The tune has an old school soulful Motown vibe to it, Craig Charles recently played it on his show and I'm very pleased to say that Hannah will be doing more tracks with the Hawk this year.
Check out their myspace

- The video for Shadz & Wedge's new tune 'Running Away' will debut this week on the Converse website, as Converse sponsored the video.

- $uge aka Brown Bag (of Da Label MTG) will be releasing his first solo mixtape entitled 'Moving towards Greatness' this year. The first single will be out any time soon!

- President Uz (of Da Label MTG) will be releasing his solo album 'No Fabrications' this year.

- Range - The Woods Ep Pt2 Sampler is now available to download for free download next to come is the woods mixtape, which includes 24 tracks and is due to be pressed in the next couple of weeks. Range continues to make tracks for artists all over Bristol and this year he will be in the studio full time to complete his album, so we will be hearing much more from him!

Stay tuned for more 2010 news and exclusive interviews from your favourite artists.