Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Uz Ft. Ceaze - Five Words (FireTV)

This single is taken from Uz's mixtape 'It's Real Life' that dropped earlier on in the year.

You can download Uz's mixtape plus most of the DLMTG back catalogue from their bandcamp page here - plus cop an essential DLMTG Tee from their merch page, the autumn stock is on it's way soon... a must have for every Bristol HH head!

Follow Uz:
Twitter: @Uzmtg1
Instagram: @Uzmtg

Set It Off Mixtape (1Range, Freedom & Mike Lyra)

1Range, Freedom & Mike Lyra have joined forces for a mixtape entitled 'Set It Off' which just dropped for free download over the weekend. Stream it below, or download here

Durkle Disco Darker TV Takeover

Last night Durkle Disco took over Darker TV on their weekly live stream. You can watch back their sets below:

Lojik & Koast

 Lamont & Koast
 Unkey, Illaman & Dabbla
 OH91 & Ego

RapStar Harts - Too Much (Music Video)

Twitter @RapStarHarts

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Genie Marie - Floetry

So, me being into my soulful Hip Hop, a young lady called Genie Marie caught my ears a few years ago when she first came onto the scene in Bristol. I guess I wasn't expecting a young person to be putting out music from the kind of era I grew up listening to, but her whole style and poetic lyrics grabbed me from the get go and her quality catalogue of releases on Youtube are the reasons why I've been delighted to follow Genie's journey.

Her new single 'Floetry' uses Floetry's own instrumental from 'Getting Late' and premiered on London's Biggest Hip Hop Station - Itchfm - the other week. The visual has just dropped and you can peep it below.

 GenieMarieWHO?? is coming soon...

Friday, 22 August 2014

A New Day

Wow, I haven't touched this blog in about 3 years. I'm about to enter a new transition in my life and it somehow feels apt that I resurrect this blog.

I've been in London for the past 8 years, but I grew up in Bath and spent most of my early adulthood in Bristol. M32Connections was born in 2006, during the days of Myspace (no Facebook or Twitter) and my idea to have one platform to host local music. It was also my way of keeping in touch with the city. The website itself died off a few years ago when social media really took off and from then on I decided to work with people more on a one to one basis.

When I look back, it's crazy to think of the journey I've been on since creating M32Connections. I'm really proud to see how some artists have developed too and went on to achieve great things.
People that know me will know I still do a lot of work behind the scenes for Bristol artists, from design, PR, artist management and other various bits. I am by no means a writer, and the reason why I feel a little silly having a blog in the first place, but as a fan who likes to 'share the love' I think there's a good chance I will be posting again since I will be back in the Bristol 'scene' and touching base with a few artists.

If you have anything you would like to send me music wise, or would like to get in touch for anything else, you can still contact me on

Peace out,
Jolo x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

M32 All Star Compilation Vol. 1 FREE DOWNLOAD

It's finally here folks, make sure you download your FREE copy of the M32Connections All Stars Compilation, featuring a wide variety of artists from Bath & Bristol.

Check the player to listen/download.