Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sophia May - Take Me There

Introducing MISS. SOPHIA MAY, a beautiful singer/songwriter, who with UK producer Bellatrax hit the No. 1 spot in the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart for three weeks in a row with I CAN'T HELP MYSELF (Nervous Records) and was voted No.2 Dance airplay song of 2008, taking the lead over artists such as Cascada, Natasha Beddingfield, and Mary J Blige and Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake. It was also No.1 on the Hot 96 Charts in the US.

At 16, SOPHIA opened for some of the UK's best such as Bristol based group Offside (Warner), Colourstone, Kosheen, and Mercury Prize winner Roni Size. Spring 2009, her second single ANOTHER DAY (Nervous Records) reached the top five on Billboard and was playlisted on radio across the country while staying in the Charts for 17 weeks. SOPHIA recently performed in New York, New Jersey, Seattle and San Francisco. She has done shows along side Lady GaGa, Michelle Williams and Cindy Lauper. Plans for her to tour various venues throughout the U.S. are in the works. Continually working on new projects with Sunfreakz, Raz Nitzan, and David Bernardi, SOPHIA MAY is in great demand as a singer, songwriter and has been asked to collaborate on numerous projects with many young producers and artists as well. She recently supported Mr Hudson in the UK and her new single 'Take me there' with producer Ninth Letta is her first solo release in the UK and will be touring it nationwide shortly.

This is one young lady to keep your eyes on! Watch out for the video coming out soon... listen to the song (as heard on 1xtra) here:

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Bastard Sunz - Il Bastardo ft. Dj Rogue (Produced by Rola)

The second single taken from "Le Discotheque Martyrdom" album is out now and available to download on Amazon and iTunes. Watch out for the Bad Company remix coming soon!

The album has already been released on Aerosolik records and features the vocal talents of Junior Disprol (Dead Residents), Turroe (Fat Club), Chattabox (Dialect), Central Spillz and Eva Lazarus. Check out the album preview on soundcloud below:
The Bastard Sunz present Le Discotheque Martyrdom - album preview by B'Tilla the Cunt

Tracklisting in running order:
1. Liver and Onions (Level 5) - Produced by Krazy
2. Top Rank - Produced by Krazy
3. Lament ft. Eva Lazarus - Produced by Rola
4. Murder Factory ft. Junior Disprol - Produced by Krazy
5. The Shades by B'Tilla The Cunt ft. Joe Murphy of Koopa and Kev Yates of Forever Never - Produced by Rola
6. Il Bastardo - Produced by Rola
7. The Scabcore Generals ft. Turroe - Produced by Cutterz
8. Hammerhead Shark Tooth - Produced by Blacksmith
9. Crescendo by Mylok The Twat Slayer ft. Eva Lazarus - Produced by Flipz
10. Coup (Conscious Rappers Suck Dick) - Produced by Mr Witts
11. Bastard Spillz ft. Central Spillz - Produced by Dj Rogue
12. Jesus Loves Jamie Bastard
13. White Spots ft. Chattabox - Produced by Rola

All cuts by Jamie Bastard AKA Dj Rogue

Amazon Link:

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Triggadon & Range - Line 'Em Up Video

From the Road's Emotional mixtape, this one is from Triggadon & Range filmed by Rebel Production TV.