Monday, 14 December 2009

Dubstep Treats

For many, Dubstep is still quite a new genre but in Bristol peeps have been stomping to it for more than a hot minute. Admittedly I didn't get into it until early this year - I've known about it for a long time but it's only been until more recently that I've had to stand up and actually listen to what's happening as it's on the verge of exploding.

While I think Dubstep isn't for EVERYBODY, you can either find something that will break your skull or on the flipside make u wanna meditate and bop your head. I guess it depends on my mood, but I can handle both now. I would recommend the new listeners to start off with Joker and Guido's mixes but if you're already into Drum and Bass you can pretty much dive in with the hard stuff, so take your pick folks:

JOKER Purple MIX 29TH DECEMBER 2009 (these are all of Joker's own tunes):
Guido Mix

Foo Agency Volume 1: Eddie K

The Sultan (15mins of 'Yeah Nice')



Benjamin One

Benjamin One – Digital Summary

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Central Spillz FREE DOWNLOAD

As promised, here are the FREE DOWNLOADS for Central Spillz tracks 'How We Roll' & 'Fear and Loathing'


"Central Spillz are five vocalists (3 MC's - C-Strike-Z, Koast and Mackie Skillz, 2 Singer/MC's - Shadz & Redskin) and 2 DJ/Producers (Interface and Superisk) brought up on Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, UK Garage and Jungle, located in the musical bass camp of the South West, Bristol. If you fling in Grime, Dubstep, and DnB influences into the Hip Hop mixer, you start to get an idea of the Spillz sound. Hip Hop for ravers, you could say. Lyrics with deep substance and beats that emanate all out rave energy, straight from the cutting edge of current dance music culture.

These tunes are just too big... check the vids below for a taster of what you will be downloading for FREEEEEEEE!

"How We Roll" produced by Joker

"Fear & Loathing In Bristol" produced by Guido

Check out Central Spillz's myspace here:

Wiggle & Shake! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

yep, "I said wiggle and shake, don't just stand there wiggle and shake!" lol this one is deffo for the funky crew!
J.R.O.A.D (Bath crew aka "Just Reality On a Disc") have used Apple's 'Chants' tune to bring you 'Wiggle and Shake'

Listen & Download it free here

For more info on JROAD check the m32connections profile

Free Download! Tough Touch Productions

Look out for Tough Tough's mixtape coming out in 2010! Their new single 'vices' (which will be on the mixtape) is available for free download - check their reverb player to download: or

For those who haven't checked for Tough Touch Productions before, check out the m32connections profile

These guys are very talented and lyrical. The quality is there from the vocals straight down to the production and I highly recommend them for enjoyable listening :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

"Culture Clash on the Front Line" Documentary video. Jamaicans in St Pauls, Bristol

Can you believe next year is the 30th Anniversary of the St. Paul's riots? For most of us it happened just before our time, but we hear about it in stories told by our elders.

Peep the documentary below. It lays down the story from historical facts and community experiences that reflect the complexities of race in Bristol, directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and colonialism. Today, more than ever, it is essential to preserve and divulgate this heritage, so the peoples of Bristol, blacks and whites, can better comprehend their social surrounding, can kill frustrations and demagogies and in many cases can get inspired for change.

Watch all parts here (there's lots of parts but only last a couple mins each)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Part 13:

Part 14:

Part 15:

Friday, 4 December 2009

Twitter Peeps

Twitter has it's advantages, since I reluctantly gave in and decided to 'try it out' it's actually been quite useful. Just by following some of my favourite artists on twitter I've been treated to free download giveaways and hot news which I wouldn't have got otherwise. So, as a fan it does have it's uses and it's great promo for the artists too.

Here are some local tweeters to follow:

Ben One
Central Spillz
Da Label MTG
DJ Cheeba
Dutty Girl
Ewan Hoozami
Mr Benn
Rooted Records
Social Conscience
Syte And The Sound

....and last but not least m32connections - yes that's me :) just don't laugh because I'm following Peter Andre... you have to allow me, I am still a girl after all and he's just so cute lol

I'll keep updating this post every time I come across some more peeps, Peace!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bristol’s Finest Scene DVD

Sidewalk magazine are featuring the best of skaters from the Bristol area in the December edition. The magazine will come with a FREE DVD of footage with the accompanied by a soundtrack of Bristol music artists.

Artists included include:

Stig of the Dump, Tough Touch Productions, Lowercase, Jon Kennedy, Se Fire, K*Ners, Sir Beans O.B.E, Malakai

There will be 53,000 cover-mounted copies available with December’s edition of Sidewalk Magazine (the U.K’s leading Skate-culture magazine).

You should be able to pick up your copy from all good newsagents, 50-50 stores and Skate Cafes Nationwide.

To order your copy on-line:

Showing at the Watershed – Bristol – 12th December 2009

Bristol’s Finest a scene DVD from Fifty-Fifty, Bristol in Bloom and Skate cafe is premiering at Bristol’s Watershed Cinema on Saturday December 12th. With footage from Matt ‘Boyo’ Williams, Andy Makepeace, Nicky Howells, Korahn Gayle and many more from Bristol.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bristol Soul Part 1

There's loads of Hip Hop, Dubstep and D&B in Bristol but it seems rarely do the soul singers/groups get a mention, so this thread is dedicated to the soulful talent we have in Bristol. I'm a massive fan of soul (the hip-hop I listen to is mainly influenced by Soul & Jazz) and I've been a fan of various local singers for years and they need to get some props!!

In 2007, I went to show my support for Type & JB at Native. On that particular night a few other artists were also on the bill and this is where I first heard Phil King and Beth Rowley. The grand finale of the night was the Roots Elevation band, with the legendary Type Sun on production & JB Love on vocals. Shadz and Nicole Jackson also made guest appearances on the band’s set.
Each person made a huge impact on me and made the night truly memorable. They’ve all come a long way since then and I’m very pleased for each one of them and wish them the best of luck with their budding career’s.
In Part 1 of ‘Bristol Soul’ I bring to you the talent I saw performing on that special night. The footage below is not all from the same night and are taken by others.

Phil King
The song I adore most is ‘Leaves’, here is Phil performing it live (what a heart throb!):

For more songs and info, check out Phil’s profile on m32connections

Beth Rowley
Her voice is quite haunting in person, I had chills listening to her at the gig. She’s such a huge, huge talent. Imagine my glee when some years later catching a tube in London the walls were swamped with her album posters everywhere. Go girl!

Type & JB with the Roots Elevation Band
Here are the snippets I recorded of the night on my phone, Type is on the Drums and JB is of course singing. Shadz is also on stage backing up JB.

To listen to the songs in better quality, check the m32connections profile.

I absolutely love Type’s music and I have to give him huge props. I had this video mailed to me a while ago, it's a video for a performing arts dancer 'Wilkie' but Type produced the track, WARNING - it's a deep one. let it load up, turn the lights down & let your breathing settle...=]

Still Waters Run Deep - Part 3 from Wilkie Branson on Vimeo.

When I heard this, I was literally speechless... it was like listening to Jazzanova or Cinematic Orchestra or something! Type deserves HUGE Props!!!
To check out more on Type, click here
Type is working on his new album so watch out for that and there's a strong chance JB will be on there too. They had worked on so much together in the past, it would be a shame if it went to waste so fingers crossed we see some Type & JB tracks on there.

Many of you will know Shadz very well as he’s making big waves in the Bristol circuit. He is now the front man for the Roots Elevation band, meanwhile JB is pursuing his acting career (you might remember him in Adulthood) anyway, Shadz is working extremely hard. Not only is he a member of the band, he is a solo artist in his own right and also member to two other crews ‘Statix’ and ‘Central Spillz’. A couple of tunes of his have been released under M4 Records and ISP and I’m so proud of his progress.
Here is a clip of Shadz the night I saw him on stage with Type & JB:

See how he has progressed with Roots Elevation now:

Truly AMAZING! I love it.

For more info check out Shadz here

Nicole Jackson
And the very last person I will mention in today’s blog is Nicole Jackson. She also came on stage with the Roots Elevation band to perform alongside JB & Shadz with the track entitled ‘Let me know’. I don’t have live footage of this song but you can check Types myspace to listen to it.

In the meantime, check out this vocal by Nicole in her bedroom:

Does she look familiar to you? Well that’s because she was on this years X-Factor and made it to the judges house:

I'm sure she'd rather forget that clip but I thought she was amazing and call me biased but I still think Dani should have picked Nicole for the finals!
For more info on Nicole, click here

New Central Spillz

Two Brand new Central Spillz tracks (produced by heavyweights Joker & Guido) will be available to download for FREE this week. For those that can't wait here are the vids

"How We Roll" produced by Joker

"Fear & Loathing In Bristol" produced by Guido

Check out Central Spillz's myspace here:

I'll post up the download links when they're available, keep checking back!

Monday, 9 November 2009

New This Week!

So, new this week I bring you...

Da Label-MTG Recordings Profile
Many people think they know Da Label but they don't know the history! Check the biography and their impressive discography:

$uge Profile.
$uge is a contributing member of Da Label MTG and an artist in his own right, get to know him more here:

Illusive/Eva Real Productions
Next up is a Dude is from Bath and tbh I don't know an awful lot about him but I think he is affiliated with Di-Wreck. He hasn't given a detailed biography so I'll deffo get in touch and find out more as I'm interested to know more about him myself.

Split Pupil
Bristol based rapper joins the m32connections webby:

If you wish to be featured on m32connections; please email a biography, pictures, any usable youtube videos (code) and 2 mp3's to:

I can also provide other services to artists but these may be charged for. Please get in touch if you need help with any type of promo or design work.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

RE - Best things in life are free Mixtape

The best things in life make you feel hype, make you want to bus' a little skank. The best things in life make you feel happy, sad and everything in between. The best things in life make you think, make you empathise, make you wonder. The Best Things In Life Are Free; a trite statement perhaps, but one that Bristolian rapper R.E. is doing his best to prove true, by giving away over 40 of his baddest studio tracks for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

A truly talented lyricist, R.E. is equally at home spitting Hip Hop bars or riding Grime and Bassline riddims with alarming accuracy and pyrotechnic lyrical content. A member of Bristol's auspicious and highly regarded Da Label - M.T.G. crew since 2002, R.E. has perfected his craft and carved out a swathe of respect with a string of razor-sharp releases and guest appearances, cementing his status as one of the finest MCs the South West has to offer.

R.E's bars cover a broad spectrum of subjects; he is much more than the typical urban musician that UK Grime and Hip Hop have become so painfully accustomed to. At first listen, the subject matter seems to belie this, but dig deeper into R.E's psyche and you will find an introspective, deep, and sometimes painfully honest writer. Sharp wordplays and intelligent metaphors eke out tales of reality on the roads, showcasing the highs and lows, documenting gritty truths, rather than the artless braggadocio preferred by so many of his peers.

On the track Only god can judge me, R.E. muses on the trials and tribulations of trying to keep his hands clean in a dirty world; "The mortgages they offer me will get me just flats / I don't trust cats / I'm trying not to touch crack / Legal route's long, and pay's not much, that / got me feeling like fuck that". It is statements such as this that lend R.E's style such a unique perspective.

Baiting me up sees the lyricist contemplating his treatment of women past and present. R.E. eschews the usual unilateral approach to the subject of females in favour of a more real approach; from the opening gambit "Real talk, all these gyal tunes are baiting me up / it's alarming, but these things are waking me up" R.E. goes on to soliloquise about the guilty admissions that so many in his position deny feeling.

R.E. has put together a stunning mixtape, sure to be met with universal acclaim. The fact that it is free is astonishing, and indicitave perhaps of the cards that Da Label have up their collective sleeve. This lot are definitely ones to be watching. The best things in life really are free.

-Jim "Pins" Evans


check out the full profile on m32connections

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21/10/2009 NEWS

Don't think for a minute things are quiet! Currently in the pipeline for M32Connections we have:

- Da Label MTG Profile
- $uge Profile
- Split Pupil Profile
- RE's new mixtape 'best things in life are fREe' review (mixtape dropping in 2 weeks!)
- 'FUCK YOU' The DVD review
- JROAD album review

I've also had various requests come in from new artists to be featured on the website so watch this space as new profiles will be confirmed soon.

The M32connections myspace has been updated - new layout and tunes, check out the page:

Artist updates:
Shadz & Wedge have recently finished shooting a video for a track entitled 'Running Away' Below is a short edit from behind the scenes of the forthcoming music video.
The full video will be released in conjunction with first ...

Monday, 12 October 2009


This is an ongoing post really, where I'll be posting up classic youtube videos of our very own homegrown artists in Bristol.
So to get started, get your teeth into these!

Kelz - Stand Tall

Se Fire - Peace (performed at Mr Wolfs)

BTol Feat Koast - Peace (live @ Croft)

Twizzy Feat. Shadz - Days Dont Change

R.E - Bristol Aint a Game

Da Label MTG - The Grizzle

TriggaDon - Making Headlines

K.Ners & Pelo - Hectic be continued!

Fuck You The DVD Part 1

So, on Friday Krazy posted up his advert for the 'Fuck You The DVD Part 1' check out the video:

With appearances from.... *takes deep breath*:


..... phew! it's jammed packed with some of the hottest MC's around and the DVD is ONLY a fiver! Bargain. Got my copy in the post already and I'll be posting up a review once I've watched it :-)
I know Krazy has been working very hard on this and I think it's a huge achievement and really positive for the scene. He deffo deserves major props!

For More check out the links
Facebook group:

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


, so today I'm gonna give the low down on an artist called 'TriggaDon'. Some of you may be recognise TriggaDon from 'BS5' from back in the day or even the group 'OBLIT-R8'
. Today, TriggaDon is a solo artist who forms part of Da Label-MTG and WiseGuy Entertainment. His full official biography and NEW TRACKS! can be found here:

Me personally, I had heard of BS5 and
'OBLIT-R8' many years ago and although their influence was heavy on a street level, I admit to being none the wiser who the artists were individually & who actually made up these groups. Therefore when I listen to TriggaDon now, in my eyes I see him as a new artist despite him being around for so long. I listen to who he was then and who he is now and he's come a long long way. He's still the same guy, except he's maturer and wiser in both life and the music business.
In meeting TriggaDon, I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how determined and motivated he is about his music. Having heard his new tracks I knew this was a man on a mission and I felt very inspired by his presence. I wish TriggaDon the best of luck - personally, I think his music deserves a place in the charts, here are my reviews for his new 2 tracks:

"Rising star of Bristol's hiphop and urban scene gives us the ultimate new friday night anthem with 'We Go Hard'"

Emerging from Bristol's burgeoning hiphop scene comes an emcee who stands head & shoulders above the water margin. Hot on the heels of artists such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal, Triggadon brings us 2 new anthems for the clubgoing congregation.

WE GO HARD' feat. Dre Pound and Sophia May
Made up of beefy electro synths and a stomping 4x4 rhythm with faultless production from Range, it's an uplifting instant classic for all the weekend clubbers who've been -as Sophia May's silky smooth vocal hook puts it - working hard through the week. It's more catchy than Swine Flu and will get stuck in your head before Triggadon's halfway through his smooth flowing verses."

Triggadon doesn't really need to tell you to 'make your way to the dancefloor', as soon as the rhythm starts it's obviously a club banger sure to get the ravers skanking. Produced by Musick Man of WiseGuy Entertainment, Trigga's irresistable quick and slick vocals simply adds to this party anthem which is sure to mash up any dance floor.

TriggaDon has already opened events for Hiphop Heavyweights such as Cormega and has performed on stage alongside the likes of Tinchy Stryder & JME. Now it's time the UK took notice of TriggaDon, who is ready to take the country by storm.

For interviews, bookings and general feedback please email:

Written By Jolo

Video 'Making Headlines' from the mixtape 'King of The Castle' out now!


I thought it made sense to set up a blog for M32connections - any update I have for the website, any news on Bristol artists and anything at all interesting music or Bristol related I'm gonna post it up and you can get actively involved.

Since the website launched in November 2006, it has come along way since and to date there are currently 41 different artists featured on the website with more in the pipeline.
I must stress its a non profitable website and there are NO catches for anyone involved... it's all love ♥
I started the website initially back in '04/'05 as I was actively going to gigs in Bristol and it was during these times I met a lot of people who were very talented. It was like discovering this 'big secret' - all these people were known on the music circuit within Bristol but otherwise they struggled to be heard elsewhere. I wouldn't necessarily say I had any attributes to help these people but being the huge music fan that I am and with my design experience I decided to create the website (as a hobby in aid to artists).
During this process, I myself have discovered more artists, fell in love over again with the music and tried to help in any way I can.

Within the first month of launching the website, the website received over 60,000 hits through word of mouth alone... I was thrilled. Since then, the site has grown and grown, national radio stations have been in touch directly to play artists and it's become it's own community in itself.
People must think I'm either nuts of have an ulterior motive for spending time, money and effort in this website but when you get the love back from artists and fans, that's much more of a reward than anything for me.

I hope you enjoy the website, if there is anyone at all as passionate as me and would like to help in anyway - please get in touch, I would really appreciate any help I can receive as ultimately it will be the music that benefits.