Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Triggadon releases his next hit single 'Dragging Down My Soul' featuring Sekai.

Most of us are used to mainstream rappers refer to women in a derogatory way and we hardly hear rappers address truthful situations of personal relationships. This is why the concept of this song is a like a breath or fresh air and is actually something I (and I'm sure many others) can relate to.
Turning down the tempo from his last single 'We Go Hard' (which is still echoing through many sound systems across the UK) Triggadon's new single is definitely
dedicated to the ladies but it doesn't necessarily alienate the guys either as I'm sure they can relate to it too!

Listen to the track on Triggadon's Myspace and make sure you VOTE for this track on BCFM radio's unsigned chart show. Simply email Email "VOTE TriggaDon Dragging Down My Soul" to unsignedchartshow@hotmail.com