Friday, 26 February 2010

Hench Mixtape Vol 1 + free download!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Hench Mixtape Vol.1, Hench are giving away a free download of Jakes' Remix of his classic tune with Joker, 3K Lane 1999 !!!
Download it here

This track features on the mixtape and you can pre-order your copy a week earlier than release for a bargain price of £5 from the D STYLE SHOP now!

The compilation is to be mixed by Jakes and will feature unreleased tracks from Papa ‘ench himself. The release will also contain new exclusive tracks from Komonazmuk, Chasing Shadows, Eddie K, Lost and Giant, as well as providing a platform for debut releases on the label from Mensah, Tek-one and Minus.

There will be more free tracks ahead of the full release of the Hench Mixtape Vol. 1 - Stay tuned on twitter or keep checking back on the m32connections blog!!!

HENCH Mixtape Vol. 1 Track list:
1. Jakes - 3k Lane 1999
2. Jakes - Boom Boom Bass
3. Jakes - Dope Fiend Lean
4. Jakes - Loved Up
5. Jakes - Please Stand By
6. Jakes - Rock Tha Bells VIP
7. Lost - Ironhide
8. Giant - Drumstick VIP
9. Jakes - Break It Down
10. Jakes - War Face
11. Jakes - Code Zebra
12. Minus - Nails
13. Eddie K - Shivers VIP
14. Jakes - Gold Chain
15. Komonazmuk - You Fo
16. Mensah - Pulse 80's
17. Tek-One - Broken String
18. Jakes - Justice VIP
19. Lost - Slaughtered
20. Jakes - Custard Cream VIP
21. Jakes - Gate Nine VIP
22. Jakes - Rhythm VIP
23. Giant - Swoosh
24. Jakes - In Tha Place To Be VIP
25. Eddie K - Who's The Hardest VIP
26. Jakes - Killer
27. Jakes - Fire Up
28. Chasing Shadows - Dream On
29. Chasing Shadows - Amirah
30. Jakes - Lasers For Eyes
31. Jakes - Scanners
32. Jakes - Warface 2010
preview the above on youtube

....with more free tracks to be given away, and a huge launch party happening at Run 005, I can safely say EVERYBODY is really excited about this release!


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wedge & Shadz 'Running Away' - New Video!

I've been bumping this song for a while now so I'm very excited that the new video for Wedge & Shadz tune 'Running Away' (sponsored by Converse) is finally here! Check it out:

isp001: Running away from elvis ellis on Vimeo.

For more info, check out the 'if symptoms persist' website and the myspace

If you're feeling the sounds of Wedge and Shadz, download this exclusive mixtape by Wedge.


1. Butterfly (Wedge remix) – Hazel Mills
2. Detached Reality – Wedge and Aesoteric
3. Vansan (Gatekeeper remix) – Appleblim
4. Cabot Circus – Wedge
5. Phonics – Wedge
6. Blip – Gatekeeper
7. Running Away – Wedge and Shadz
8. Night on the Wonk – Wedge and Aesoteric
9. Night on the Wonk (Gemmy remix) – Wedge and Aesoteric
10. Running Away (Guido remix) – Wedge and Shadz

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The HAWK feat Little Hannah Collins - New Video

Scott Milsom aka THE HAWK, bass player from critically acclaimed UK funk heroes BIG BOSS MAN teams up with Little Hannah Collins from Bath (former player/vocalist with The Heavy) for this new project reminiscent of the classic northern soul yet with a modern twist. "Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover" is the first single produced by this new outfit. Get it at recordkicks

For more info, check out their myspace

New Central Spillz Video - How We Roll

New video from Central Spillz 'How We Roll', Joker on production.
I like the bit where Superisk tries to jump through the car window and massively fails lol. Big tune tho!

Da Label on Multi-FM

Last week, Da Label-MTG passed through Multi FM radio and dropped some exclusive bangers. Range caught up with the guys to get the low down on what we can expect for 2010 from the group, both individually and collectively.

Click the link below for the exclusive interview, the premier of some brand new songs from $uge and some jumpoff's from Bristol's finest crew 'Da Label-MTG' who were notoriously rated 4stars by HHC.

Click here to listen!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

M32Connections website down

A message went out last week to everyone following m32connections on Facebook advising that the website will be down for a while whilst it is undergoing essential maintenance.

You can continue to check the M32connections blog for all updates & news on your favourite artists. We have some interviews lined up so keep an eye out for those!

As soon as the website is back up and running there will also be some goodies to win!

If you have any idea's for the site, or would like to contribute in any way, please email
Artists - keep me updated with any news as this will also go on the blog/website.


Jay Wilcox & Roni Size - Sick & Tired

"Sick and Tired" is the catchy new single from Jay Wilcox produced By DnB mastermind Roni Size.

Combining an undeniably catchy brass theme (composed by Pete Bernard) and a feel good dance vibe this track is beginning to receive increasing support and attention wherever it is played.

The track is accompanied by by a rugged but stylish video shot on the mean streets of Bristol documenting the adventures of a hapless promoter struggling to put on an event and faced with constant setbacks along the way.

The Concept

"Sick and Tired" is a song based around the struggle of independent artists in todays music scene. Promoting oneself is hard to do and as we all know the life of an aspiring artist is never easy. "Sick and Tired" takes a not too serious look at the music game from the underground artists point of view..

Check out the video:

...soon to be on every major music channel. If you like this song and you want to hear more request it, book it, follow it, play it love it and support it!!

New video's from Da Label-MTG

Da Label always represent and hold it down for the streets of Bristol. Brought to you by 'streetzselectedtv' check out Uz's (President of Da Label-MTG) video for 'So Special' (taken from his mixtape "Real recognise real" out now for FREE download )

Also, with a new video 'TriggaDon' (of Da Label) brings you his video 'What They Choose' by streetzselected

TriggaDon also did a video with Rebel Productions recently, song entitled 'Live Long' a real story teller:

Sons of South Present: All Eyes on the South Volume 3 “Real Name No Gimmicks”

December 2009. The end of a decade that has seen X-Factor’s grinning puppet master Simon Cowell turn the UK’s prime time TV slots and record industry into a production line for churning out soulless pop androids. Across the pond rappers are releasing their own sports drinks and video games, as the next ‘cookie-cut’ baller appears on the scene to rap about the same tired topics.
For fans of fresh sounding beats, interesting concepts and charismatic MC’s
the outlook has been bleak… that is until now.

Sons of South, a collective of four MC’s, their DJ and beat maker (all from the Southern half of the UK – hence the name), have been bubbling under the surface, perfecting their craft since 2005 and now release the long awaited third installment in their mixtape series – ‘All Eyes on the South Volume 3 – Real Name No Gimmicks’.

Drawing on influences from the golden eras of East and West coast Hip Hop from the States and jungle, garage and grime from the UK, the four MC’s – Blaze, Naturekid, Prophecy and Verbal Remedy combine over a myriad of beats to deliver a flowing and consistently listenable 60 minutes of entertainment.

With each track the group demonstrate their versatility, as the four MC's combine effortlessly over various tempos and styles that have been laid down for them by the group's producer Terrorist and other beat makers from within the scene. All of the music is original, bucking the trend of the traditional mixtape format. Mixing duties are handled with flair and finesse by DJoe The Archiect, who took time out from his busy beat making, producing and DJing schedule between France and Spain to work with Sons of South on the project.

With ‘Real Name No Gimmicks’ available to buy from iTunes and other download sites to kick off 2010 and CD’s appearing in all good independent record stores at around the same time, Sons of South are looking to hit the roads of the South, West, North and East of the UK in the coming months. Look out for this innovative Hip Hop crew at a venue near you.

Preview the Mixtape here:

M32Connections will be giving away free SIGNED(!) copies to some very lucky this space for details to find out how you can get your hands on a copy!

For more info on S.O.S, please visit their really cool website and their myspace

To purchase their music on iTunes or Amazon, click the links :)

S.O.S profile coming soon to M32Connections!